Advanced and customizable management of lease-related alerts and notices


Control all tasks thanks to its link with incident management.

Sending communications to landlords and tenants

Follow unpaid receipts and your claim


Rent Collection
We collect rentals from your leases and transfer them to your account automatically.

We calculate the rent increases according to the lease and update the collection on each due date.

Advance notice
We remember in advance each end of contract or extension so that you can decide what to do with your property.

We manage all technical incidents, requests and authorizations that arise with the tenant or the property during the lease.

We notify the tenant of unpaid bills so that the situation can be resolved as soon as possible or a judicial process can be initiated.

We replace costly bureaucrafax with equally valid and much cheaper reliable notifications.


Overdue window highlights missed tasks

Customisable, advanced reminders

Maintenance & Inspections Hub for all task management

View, collaborate & delegate across your team

Integrated with Google Calendar, Outlook and Microsoft 365

View & manage all lease events

We help you in everything

24-hour support means you're never alone.

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