Property Accounting Software

Rentger is based on a complete and solid accounting software system that was built specifically for property management professionals.


Conciliator of banking movements and learning

Easier asset grouping

Generation of receipts and invoices for bonds, supplies, deposits, expenses and rents.

The system assigns a reference to each revenue/expense and both the bank movements conciliator and afterbanks make the automatic conciliation of the movement.

SEPA file

Divide expenses/supplies among tenants of a contract or among the different assets of a group. Coefficient of distribution of assets in group. It divides the expenses of a group of assets among them

Accounting will help keep track of all your finances.

Set up online payments, receive rent, pay service professionals, and more-all within Rentger. Quick and easy payments allow Rentger to do the work for you. Tenants can pay rent and get automatic receipts as well as look up their payment history, so they don't need to call you.


Robust Accounting Features for Improved Business Insight and Decision-Making
The truth is that you can have all the features in the world and they wouldn’t matter if your accounting doesn’t function properly—this is the heart of your company. Rentger offers robust property management accounting software with real-time flexible reporting so you can feel confident everything in your business is running smoothly.

Entering Bills Is Quick and Intuitive
We leverage the Universal Search feature to make entering bills simple and intuitive. Just search for the bill you need, enter the correct information and you’re done. You can create one-time and recurring bills to assign expenses to any property or general ledger account code.

Manage Rentable Items
Common items typically rented to residents include extra parking spots, covered parking, or storage sheds. You have the flexibility to add the items that are relevant to each property and easily set them to show up as recurring charges on the property record.

Quick Bank Reconciliation
Doing bank reconciliations manually can take hours each month. Rentger makes this easier by allowing you to sync your bank accounts in Rentger with your actual bank statements and quickly reconcile each month, without having to review every single transaction.

Quick and easy payments
Make life easier. Rentger automates your accounting so you don't have to compile it yourself. Creating invoices, receipts, and notes for when rent will arrive is now automatic. All you have to do is set up the lease and Rentger does the rest. While you're on vacation, spending time with the family, or finally enjoying that night off- Rentger is doing your accounting for you.

Partial payments
Allow your tenants (roommates as well) to pay partial rent prior to the due date. You can turn off partial payments for events such as eviction or all-or-none payments.


Automate profit and loss reporting

Control payments and avoid evictions

Easy accounting

Simple exporting of your data

Automatic rent invoices sent to tenants

Easy-to-use online payments


Recurring Rent Payments
We offer automatic recurring rent payments for any day of the month along with monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly options to match your tenants as not every tenant pays just once a month or between just the 1st and 5th of the month.

One-Time Rent Payments
We also understand that not every tenant wants an automatic recurring payment so we offer one-time payments also. The one-time payment feature can be used to collect miscellaneous payments as well, such as deposits, utility payments, application fees, etc.

Simple, Flexible and Advanced Accounting
With easy to learn trust account certified general ledger accounting from Rentger, you'll save time and still be able to keep detailed records.

Accounting that saves you time
A traditional accounting system is going to take on average five steps to post something as simple as a tenant rent payment. Rentger reduces this to a single step, saving you up to ten minutes per rent payment received.

Full Featured Payments
Requests recurring rent, reminds tenants on upcoming payments, and provides options of ACH, credit, or debit. Allows you to decide on accepting full payments or having tenant split the rent.

P&L Reporting
Tracks income and expenses from online payments and manual entries. Upload documents and receipts for any transaction.


Property Accounting
A 360-degree back-office accounting solution driving unparalleled efficiency and scalability, streamlining everyday workflows and offering full visibility into the details of your data at the site level from this one solution.

Financial Reporting
Keep every stakeholder in the loop with customizable, complete and shareable financial reports. Leverage powerful functionalities such as configurable and role-based dashboards and searchable data grids, render financial and operational reports, KPIs, and much more.

Finance, lease management, and maintenance tools Rentger tracks leases, communicates with tenants, stores documents, collects online rent with automatic late fees, reports income and expenses, and contains a maintenance portal.

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